I am grateful for this opportunity.

It has been about 16 years since I started printing copper prints.

The chance to start copper printmaking was to watch television one day and a copperplate painter Yamamoto Yoko gave a lecture on copper plate production. When I saw the process of making copper prints, I got interested very much. And I entered art school.


But ...

Several failures continued, as I thought I could not make it. The production of copperplate prints must always be nervous in each process. And I do not know what the state of the work is until I press it. I was repeatedly disappointed and failed many times.


Still, I continued patiently. I was drawn to the depth of making copperplate prints. Especially, I like techniques to mold with soft ground etching, and express darkness with aquatint. Although I still fail, it is fun to try new things.

I would like to continue to express in copperplate still from now on.


My works are black, gray and white, so I want to express darkness. And I'm finding targets that match my skills.


Group Shows

2001-2015  Twice a year  Art school exhibition  / Bumpodo Art gallery (Tokyo Kanda)

2014   Etching, 7 people exhibition / Art Space K (Tokyo kagurazaka)

2011   Etching, exhibition / Gallery (Tokyo Iidabashi)

2016   Exhibited at Motra International Pittura in Matera, Italy

2018   Exhibition organized by Olivia Paroldi (Cannes)

​2018   Kilengi exhibition organized by Alfred Graselli (Vienna)

​2019   ONNA exhibition (Vienna)

​2020   ZETTAI exhibition (Hyogo JAPAN)

2020   Thousand Face of Arts Exhibition (Taipei Taiwan)

2021   Exhibited at Kunst Zu Recht (Vienna)

​2021  Surging waves International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibitions (Kaohsiung Taiwan)

2022  Thousand Face of Arts Exhibition (Kaohsiung Taiwan)

2022  ZETTAI exhibition (Hyogo JAPAN)


2017  Galerie du Faune

​          http://www.galeriedufaune.com

2019 Gallerie Irene Legris

         ONNA 2 (One Woman Show in the graphic cabinet)

2019 Gallerie Irene Legris

​         ACCORCHAGE Exhibition


2001- 2017  Bumpodo Art School

2011             Setsu Mode seminar graduate

2021-           Kyobashi kaiga


2017 October  85th Print Exhibition




2021  Kunst zu Recht Wien  (meinbezirk.at)

​           https://www.meinbezirk.at/landstrasse/c-regionauten-community/hiroko-ryusekido_a4913764



2010 - present
2010 - present